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Annoucing Rollup field type

Now you can create rollup fields to perform aggregation of data from fields linked to other workspaces which can be incredibly useful in many work scenarios. Want to have a real-time updated client account balance? View and track the inventory levels for your products? These and much more are possible with the rollup field type.

Here's how it works

Create a field and set its type to rollup.

Choose the workspace and field that links to the objects you want to aggregate.

Then select the field that contains the values you want to aggregate.

In case you want to perform the rollup in a specific set of object, specify the filter to be applied (e.g. aggregate invoices if state equals to paid).

To conclude, select the operation you want to perform. Average, sum, count are a few examples of aggregation functions you can use on a rollup field.

We can’t wait to see what you do with rollup fields. Need help bootstrapping your first rollup? Let us know and we'll happily build it together.